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Your Time Makes a Difference

The UCR Alumni Association volunteer program offers a unique platform for cultivation meaningful experiences. By giving your time, you’re creating lasting change and leading by example.

Join us as an Alumni Association volunteer to help raise support for UCR’s dynamic initiatives, expose current students to successful leaders and mentors, and build a stronger Highlander community.

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Group of Alumni volunteers at a UCR event

Board of Directors

The UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who aid in establishing association policy, reviewing programs, and provide counsel to the UCR administration.

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UCR alumni at a Alumni networking event

Alumni Networks

Find fellow Highlanders in your area, with a shared identity, or by staying connected to your college or school to share resources, ideas, and experiences.

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Committee event hosted by UCR Alumni Association


UCR Alumni Association members are invited to join committees that help shape the footprint and initiatives of the Alumni Association. For more information about committee opportunities, please fill out the UCRAA Committee Application.

UCR Alumni Association Committees

The following committees are open to all board members and alumni. These committees meet once a quarter or less.

Chair: Alex Cortez
Staff: Kristin Seiler

Purpose: To advance the university’s legislative interests in local, state, and federal governments and maintain a network of alumni advocates.

  1. Annual Advocacy Day in Sacramento: organize UCRAA participation, plan activities, and recruit advocates.
  2. Encourage greater alumni participation in university-coordinated advocacy through personal involvement and meeting participation.
  3. Establish, train, and maintain a network of alumni, through active communications, who are willing to assist in governmental relations efforts for the campus and the university.
  4. Explore with other campus entities how to better create interaction between elected officials and policymakers, alumni, and campus administration.
  5. Support alumni advocacy events and activities.
  6. Plan and execute at least one quarterly advocacy related activity in support of the university, e.g. advocacy committee meetings.

Chair: Karen Kyhn
Staff: Tracy Telliard

Purpose: Serve as a liaison between the board of directors, formal and informal constituency groups of the association, and the community at large.

  1. Coordinate contacts for establishing and maintaining alumni constituency support groups: departmental, professional, and other affinity / identity groups.
  2. Assist in the organization of homecoming and reunions.
  3. Continue to enhance the association’s online and electronic communication presence.
  4. Coordinate contacts for establishing and maintaining both in-state and out-of-state regional networks, chapters and clubs.
  5. Encourage and expand pride in UCR.
  6. Explore areas of collaboration with community, civic, and business organizations that support the goals and mission of the association.

Chair: Dr. Aaron Jones
Staff: Brock Cavett

Purpose: Serve as a liaison between students as future alumni and young alumni population.

  1. Provide opportunities to engage alumni with current students.
  2. Support the UCR Career Network and mentorship programs.
  3. Assist in student recruitment efforts.
  4. Continue to enhance the association’s online and electronic communication presence.
  5. Explore areas of collaboration with community, civic, and business organizations that support the goals and mission of the association.
  6. Engage with and determine appropriate programming for young alumni identified as 40 years of age or younger
  7. Support efforts to maintain relevance to alumni through alumni career programming.

Chair: Martha Jasso
Staff: Chelsea Usher

Purpose: To enhance the university’s student recruitment and retention goals by supporting and coordinating all alumni scholarship programs.

  1. Recommend to board of directors the number and amount of alumni scholarships to be awarded.
  2. Explore the feasibility of establishing new and/or expanding scholarship awards.
  3. Implement the selection and awarding of scholarships.

Student Engagement Opportunities

Get involved by helping current and prospective UCR students excel through the following programs:


Career Conferences

Inspire students by visiting campus to speak about your industry and career path. If interested in serving as a panelist, fill out this form.


Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM)

Make a massive impact with minimal time commitment. Register for SAM to mentor a student who aspires to enter your industry.



Dinner with Alumni

Meet with a motivated group of 30-40 students who are eager to learn about your profession and learn how you got to where you are today. Join us!


Student Recruitment Events

Become an Alumni Ambassador and meet with prospective UCR students to encourage the next generation of Highlanders to apply to UCR! To volunteer in your area, visit the Alumni Ambassador webpage.



Scholarship Selection Committee

Every year, alumni from all over California play a critical role in helping to select that year’s scholarship recipients by reading scholarship applications and conducting in-depth interviews. The UCRAA scholarship program also offers transfer students an opportunity to apply for alumni scholarships. Join a selection committee to impact the lives of incoming Highlanders!

January-June (Annually)

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