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You are part of a network of more than 143,000 Highlanders.

Our regional networks and identity chapters are great opportunities to stay connected to UCR and fellow alumni. You can also stay connected with your college or school through various volunteer opportunities

To get involved or to be a part of a chapter or network, reach out to a contact listed below.

Regional Networks

Inland Empire

Samantha Jobelius ’05

 IE Facebook |  IE Instagram

IE LinkedIn

Los Angeles

Diana Wei '06

 LA Facebook |  LA Instagram

LA LinkedIn

Orange County

Anh Pham ’13

 OC Facebook

OC LinkedIn

San Francisco Bay Area

Ryosuke Ueda '06

 SF Facebook

SF LinkedIn


Point of Contact
Margaret Kenrick '93

Seattle LinkedIn


Asia Pacific – Taiwan

David Wu, M.B.A. ’92

 Taiwan Facebook

Washington D.C.

Nicholas Paniagua '16

 D.C. Facebook

D.C. LinkedIn

San Diego

Coming Soon

Identity Chapters

Black Alumni Chapter

Marvel Johnson '18

 Black Alumni Facebook |  Black Alumni Instagram

Give back to the next generation of Highlanders

Support Black Alumni Programming

Chicano Latino Alumni Chapter

Alex Cortez ’02, M.S. ’09

 Chicano Latino Facebook |  Chicano Latino Instagram

Chicano Latino LinkedIn

Give back to the next generation of Highlanders

Support Chicano Latino Alumni Programming

Korean Alumni

Mike Kwon '13

 Korean Alumni Instagram

Military and Veterans Alumni Network

Coming Soon

Asian American Pacific Islander

Coming Soon

Alumni Resources for Colleges and Schools

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Alumni Network and Chapter Guidelines

Learn what’s required to form an alumni network or chapter.

Alumni Network and Chapter Board Application

Apply to serve on an alumni network or chapters board of directors.

Network and Chapter Board Application
International Board Application

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