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UCR Career Network

Tap into your community of Highlanders. Find mentors and job opportunities.

UC Alumni Career Network

Online series designed to provide all UC alumni and community members with the insights, information, and connections to launch, grow, and expand your career opportunities.


Attend career workshops, job fairs, and access this platform free of charge as alumni.

Alumni Career Coaches

We have a group of alumni that have a career in counseling or coaching. Many offer different resources at various prices.

UCR Career Center

After your first year of graduation, the following options are available by the UCR Career Center:

Resume Critique: free for members

30-minute resume critique session, by phone or in-person
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Access to Career Fairs and Workshops

Click here to find out upcoming dates for fairs as well as career resources.


Connect and Network with Highlanders

UCR Alumni Association Social Media
Connect and stay in the know of the latest events, job opportunities, or ways to connect to campus through our social platforms.

Alumni Networks and Chapters

Join a Network, Identity Chapter, or stay connected to your school or college as alumni.

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