Upon graduation, you will join a network of more than 136,000 Highlanders. However, you don’t have to wait to connect with our alumni – you can get started now!

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) promotes strong student and alumni relations through programming and events that bring the two groups together. Hear from alumni at career conferences, receive mentoring from an alumnus working in your field, or attend an alumni dinner to network and learn more about a specific discipline.

SAA works closely with the UCR Alumni Association (UCRAA) to help students make an effortless transition into the alumni network. Interested in joining the board or becoming a general member? Share your email with us to stay informed of open positions.

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How to get involved


Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM) Program

Get one-on-one mentoring from successful alumni in your field of interest.

Attend Alumni Events

Attend career conferences, have dinner with alumni, and take part in UCRAA activities and events, like Homecoming.

Professional Development Workshops

Prepare for your future with helpful career information and skill-building exercises.

Professional Development Opportunities

Hands on experience performing outreach, planning and executing events, and networking.







Upcoming SAA Events


Looking for Scholarships?

The UCR Alumni Association has a number of scholarships available for incoming, continuing and transfer students, thanks to awards established by our generous donors. 


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