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Student Alumni Association


Engaged with Alumni Right from the Start

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) promotes strong student and alumni relations through programming and events that bring the two groups together. Hear from alumni at career conferences, receive mentoring from an alumnus working in your field, or attend an alumni dinner to network and learn more about a specific career field.

SAA works closely with the UCR Alumni Association (UCRAA) to help students make an effortless transition into the alumni network. Interested in joining the board or learning more? Share your email with us to stay informed of open positions and upcoming events.

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How to Get Involved

Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM) Program

Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM) Program

Get one-on-one mentoring from successful alumni in your field of interest. The alumni-student mentoring relationship gives you the opportunity to gain valuable career advice as you prepare for your professional future.

If you are an alumni interested in serving as a mentor, this is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact with minimal time commitment! You will mentor a student who aspires to enter your industry and give back to the university by supporting their growth.

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Attend Alumni Events

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Dinner with Alumni

All students are invited to connect with successful and inspiring alumni in an informal environment. Join us at the Alumni & Visitors Center to network and engage with UCR Alumni and Professionals who work in various industries. The programs will include a networking mixer and panel Q&A. Light appetizers, dinner, dessert, and refreshments will be provided.

Alumni are invited to engage with a motivated group of 20-30 students who are eager to learn about your profession and learn how you got to where you are today. Click here to let us know that you would like to share your experiences at an upcoming event.

Career Development Workshops

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and career growth with our Career Development Workshops, in partnership with the UCR campus community and student organizations. These workshops go beyond being just events; they are opportunities to boost your career goals and build meaningful connections for future success. Our workshops bring together professionals, experts, and stakeholders for lively discussions, valuable insights, and excellent networking opportunities. It's a unique chance to enhance your career prospects and connect with people who can help shape your future success.

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Women’s Leadership Conference

The Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) has a clear purpose: to empower and inspire women in their leadership development and growth. The conference brings together women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and leadership levels to create a platform for networking, learning. And personal and professional advancement.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Brock Cavett at brock.cavett@ucr.edu or download our sponsorship packet:

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Health & Medicine Conference

The Health & Medicine Conference highlights alumni and industry experts from various healthcare fields. This conference will not only broaden your understanding of the healthcare landscape but also empower you to make a positive impact in your career and beyond.

Meet the Board

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) Executive Board is a group of current undergraduate students that volunteer to provide members with an exceptional experience. They lead programming that builds on students’ education through networking, professional development, and opportunities to engage with alumni.

To learn more about Student Alumni Association or to ask any questions, please email ucrsaa@ucr.edu.

Gino Rhoten

Miriam Fadel
Vice President of Alumni Relations

Katelynn La
Vice President of Administration

Tanya Tang
Vice President of Finance

Shruthika Sridaran
Vice President of Marketing

Simarpal Singh
Vice President of External Relations

Annalicia Garcia


Care Packages for Students

Care Packages for Students

To welcome first-year students, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) offers an opportunity for families to send a care package to campus for their student. To purchase a “Welcome Care Package” for your student visit swaku.com/ucr.

Once students are settled, we encourage families to stay connected. Let your student know you are thinking of them on their birthday, during the holidays, or while they prepare for exams. Show your support with a care package; options include baked goods, snacks, stuffed animals, and healthier choices as well.

The care package program assists SAA in raising funds for the educational, social, and activities we sponsor on campus.

Upon completion of your order, care packages will arrive at your student’s Resident Services Office or at the Alumni & Visitors Center for pickup.

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College Res Hall Room Outfitting

Preparing for college is quite an involved process and identifying and accumulating all the necessary items can be somewhat of a daunting task.

Over the years, we have developed and refined a What-to-Bring Checklist (below) as a tool for our parents and students. To help complete that checklist, we have partnered with SWAK University Services to establish our own SAA-sponsored room outfitting store.

The store includes over 1000 products for their room, all of which fall within our school guidelines. In particular, we encourage you to look at the linen products, as quality and sizing can be an issue when buying bedding for college. All bedding products can stand up to regular washing and will not bleed or fray. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to fit UCR’s Twin-XL beds and to last until graduation.

Orders for the incoming class will go live in spring.

For any questions, please call 800-929-8184 or email us at service@swaku.com.

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