The UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers that establish Association policy, review programs, and provide feedback and suggestions to the University administration.

Officers 2022-2024

Steve Shuman ’75

Josefina Canchola ’88
President Elect

Geoffrey "Jeff" Pack ’78

Randy Olson ’80
Immediate Past President

Directors 2022-2024

Richard Alvarado ’83

Taylor Brown ’18

Valentin Gribkoff, Ph.D. ’83

Martha Jasso ’01

Karen B. Kyhn ’78, M.A. ’82

Javier Huerta Lopez ’87

Ken Noller ’75, T.C. ’76, M.A. ’84 

Casandra Reeves Renno ’05

E. Dollie Totaro Wolverton ’57

Bert L. Wright, Jr. ’99

Tony Yang ’03, Ph.D. ’10

Beverly Young A.B. '79, M.A. '82, Ph.D. '88

Directors 2021-2023

Aram Ayra ’18

Alex Cortez ’02, M.S. ’09

Aaron D. Jones, Jr. ’09, M.Ed. ’13

Barbara Kerr ’68

Brent Lee, M.B.A. ’11

Craig Marshall ’95

Melissa Mikail ’15

Ofelia Valdez-Yeager ’69, T.C. ’71

Standing Representatives

Monique Dozier
Vice Chancellor, University Advancement

Jorge Ancona
Executive Director

Faculty Representative

Mufida Assaf
Associated Students of UCR (ASUCR) Representative

Ivett Gabriella
Graduate Student Association (GSA) Representative

Anny Jiang
Student Alumni Association (SAA) Representative

Join the Board of Directors

The UCR Alumni Association accepts applications year-round to serve on the board of directors. The upcoming deadline to apply is December 31 for a term start date of July 1. The Nomination Committee meets annually in February. All applicants will be notified in March of the Committee’s decision. Applications received will be kept on file should any vacancies occur within the year.



UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors Statement of Expectations and Responsibilities

  • General Responsibilities

    Promote the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the UCR Alumni Association on and off campus.  Enhance the relationships between UCR and its alumni through services and programs.

    Assist the university in its quest for excellence.

  • Qualifications

    Degreed alumnus/alumna of UC Riverside 

    Be a member in good standing (preferably a life member) of the UCR Alumni Association for a minimum of two years.

  • Requirements of Board Members

    Attend quarterly board of directors’ meetings. Meetings are usually held in November, February and May from 3 – 6 p.m. 

    Attend annual summer board of directors’ retreat; typically held Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. 

    Serve on and participate in the quarterly meetings for at least one standing committee of the board and on task forces as assigned.

  • Expectations of Board Members

    Support the mission of the UCR Alumni Association and carry out its priorities. 

    Represent the alumni body at-large and serve as a liaison between the university and the alumni community. 

    Provide guidance and direction that ensures the association remains a dynamic and efficient organization. 

    Promote UCR Alumni Association membership to alumni who are not members. 

    Commit to annual financial support of UCR that might include gifts to the UCR Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment or other UCR philanthropic programs. 

    Serve as an advocate / ambassador for UC Riverside. 

    Attend the Chancellor’s Dinner. 

    Attend two additional association and/or university events (such as, but not limited to; homecoming, SAA career conferences, chapter activities, dinners with alumni, etc.) 

  • Meeting Attendance and Conduct

    Attend board meetings and any special board or task force meetings that might be called. Directors with unexcused absences from any two meetings of the board over the course of the fiscal year shall be excused from service. 

    Board members are expected to underwrite their own participation including transportation and lodging. The association provides meals and parking for board meetings. 

  • Conflict of Interest

    Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies. 

    Do not use membership on the board for personal gain.

  • Term of Office

    Serve for a two-year term, renewable up to three consecutive terms without having to reapply.