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Alumni Roll Call Highlights


Thanks to the promotional efforts of dozens of campus and volunteer partners, more than 8,600 UC Riverside alumni and University Extension certificate holders took part in the February 2020 Alumni Roll Call. This robust response from our extended Highlander family exceeded all expectations. It illustrates a strong, cross-generational affiliation with, and enthusiastic support for UCR's dynamic, fast-growing campus community.  

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On behalf of the entire institution and our many volunteer leaders, the Office of Alumni Engagement extends sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to share their updated contact information, opinions, insights, and programming ideas. This data will help inform development of a fresh new slate of programming and outreach activities for all Highlander alumni. A snapshot of initial findings are included here, with much more information to be shared in the coming months. Visit for information on current events, networking resources, and volunteer opportunities.


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*Alumni provided with the option to select multiple (one to three) answers. Combined percentages exceed 100%.


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