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Payal Beri ’08

Expertise: Talent Development; Women in the Workforce

Payal brings extensive career coaching and counseling experience to her work with clients through her firm I-Connect. Her expertise lies in developing Global Leadership Programs and Employee Development programs for Fortune 500 companies including Southern California Edison, The Warranty Group, and US Foods. She provides career and professional development coaching including networking, career branding, interviewing, career transitions and exploration coaching. Payal has her Masters in Psychology and is working towards her Ph.D. in Organizational and Industrial Psychology.

“Payal is an extraordinary career coach. I have personally benefited from working with her…She was there every step of the way guiding me to strategically figure out the direction best suited to me. She is able to see the funnel of an idea and help facilitate which actions need to be taken based on where the client is.”


Andrew Kumar ’11

Expertise: Tech Education; Tech Career Development

Andrew is an alumnus of UCR and currently serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships as Trilogy Education. Andrew has both experience in career coaching and has specific expertise in career development for the tech industry. He has worked at Facebook and Google in Human Resources and Recruitment and has extensive experience in advising clients in their professional and career development including online career branding, interview preparation, negotiation and overall professional development specifically with those in the Tech industry. He has worked with job seekers making transitions and those seeking to advance.

“Andrew is amazing. He knows what he’s talking about and you can tell he has experience as a career coach. He cares for our future in connecting with people and companies” 


Bernice Maldonado ’02

Expertise: Image Consulting

Bernice is an alumnus of UCR and provides talent development and professional image coaching through her practice Growing Forward. She has served as an organizational and change management consultant and has an intimate knowledge of recruiting and talent development from the inside of organizations. As a first-generation student and professional she is committed to ensuring young alumni get the high impact career coaching they need from early on to ensure their professional success and career growth.

“I found it to be very informative and enlightening. She has given me the opportunity to reassess myself and apply some changes.”


Chaim Shapiro ’05

Expertise: LinkedIn for Your Career

Chaim is an alumnus of UCR and brings extensive experience in the career development field. He has served both students and alumni in their career development at various institutions including but not limited to Touro College; Pace University; WITS and Hillel. Chaim brings specific expertise in the realm of career branding through LinkedIn and can be reached for personalized LinkedIn coaching and training.

 “Chaim is an excellent career advisor and speaker on using LinkedIn for the job search.”