University of California, Riverside

Alumni Awards of Distinction Nomination

Criteria & Nomination Process

  • Alumni who have attained a degree from UCR are eligible for the awards.
  • Current members of the UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.
  • The awardees must attend the Alumni Awards of Distinction Banquet. The awards may not be conferred in absentia; however, they may be granted posthumously.
  • Alumni, friends, former award recipients, professional colleagues and members of the UCR community are encouraged to submit nominations.
  • Nominations from colleagues and associates will be given greater weight than self-nominations.
  • Nominations are accepted in multiple categories; however, the Awards Committee reserves the right to consider nominees for the category it deems most appropriate.

Documents to submit

  • Submission of a letter with the nomination form stating the nomination category and outline the candidate’s qualifications with clear and concise detail.
  • (Optional) Include the candidate’s current curriculum vita or resume and any additional information and/or materials you believe to be relevant.
  • Suggestions for nominations letter:
    • What are your candidate’s outstanding achievements that merit recognition by the UCR Alumni Association?
    • Why is this the appropriate time in your candidate’s life or career for this recognition to be awarded?
    • Has your candidate’s work had an influence in the broader community beyond their own sphere of vocational or volunteer achievement?

When to submit nominations

Nominations for the Alumni Awards of Distinction are accepted year-round. Nominations not selected for the current year’s Alumni Awards of Distinction will remain on file for three years for future consideration. The nominator may request the same paperwork be used for two more years, before a new nomination is required. This does not mean that you have to use the previous year’s nomination paperwork but the option is available.

Submit a nomination