University of California, Riverside

Ramsey Loan

The Henry Ramsey, Jr. Revolving Emergency Loan Fund (RELF)

Designed to assist students with short-term financial emergencies.  Each loan application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and available anytime during the year, as long as the student is enrolled.

  • Loan amounts are available up to $1,000. Approval of all loans is subject to the availability of funds. (a typical loan averages $500).
  • The Office of Alumni Engagement may reduce the loan amount or decline to approve the loan if information indicates your unwillingness or inability to repay the loan.
  • Only one outstanding RELF is allowed per quarter.


  • Undergraduate students with a minimum enrollment of twelve (12) units for fall, winter and spring terms, and eight (8) units for one summer session.
  • Current UCR GPA of 2.0 or above and be in good academic standing.
  • Eligible to receive need-based financial aid.
  • No HOLD currently on records.
  • Documentation of emergency (copies of medical bills, car repair bills, lease agreement, etc.).
  • Documentation of repayment source (payroll stub, letter from employer, letter from parents, etc.).
  • If you have been delinquent on a loan payment in the past, you may be ineligible for the RELF.

Students currently receiving financial aid:  RELF loans may be deducted from your next disbursement.  Payments on student accounts are credited against any outstanding charges currently on record.


Loan applications are available in the Alumni Engagement office, 2203 Alumni & Visitors Center, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  You may also complete the form below, print and sign it, and then deliver it to the Alumni Engagement office.

If the application and documentation of emergency is submitted and approved by 10:00 a.m., funds should be available via direct deposit to your bank account within three (3) business days.  Accommodations may be made for individuals with no personal bank account.

Incomplete applications or insufficient documentation will delay your loan processing.


Loans are required to be repaid in full within thirty (30) days.

Payments can be made online via R’Web or at the University Main Cashiers Office.

If you graduate or withdraw from school prior to the due date, the loan becomes due and payable on that date, unless prior arrangements are made with Student Business Services, Highlander One Stop Shop (HOSS).


An unpaid Emergency Loan is a debt owed to the University.  If your loan is not paid by the due date, you will have a registration, academic transcript, and diploma HOLD placed on your records until the debt is repaid in full.

A late fee of $12.50 will be assessed on all loans not paid on or before the due date. Delinquent loans may be assigned to a collection agency.

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