University of California, Riverside

Meet the 2018/2019 UC Riverside Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients

Kashmaila Ali, Biology

Inland Empire region
Hometown: Rialto

Kashmaila is a first-generation college student from a Pakistani Muslim family. The Valedictorian at Carter High School, served as ASB President. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine, but she also has a great interest in history. In addition to her studies, Kashmaila is also a marathon runner.


Isaac Estrada, Pre-Business 

Los Angeles/San Fernando region
Hometown: Los Angeles

Isaac is dedicated to helping his family, friends and community. His altruistic nature also extends to wildlife, as he enjoys rescuing neglected reptiles. He was inspired to achieve academic success and apply to UCR after visiting the campus as part of a Chicano student program. Isaac is entering UCR as a pre-business major with the hopes of opening his own business and financially assisting his community and family.


Thomas Henningson, Computer Science 

San Diego region
Hometown: Temecula

With a passion for education both in and outside of the classroom, Thomas is excited about attending UCR and expanding upon his leadership skills. He enjoys tinkering with technology in his free time and is enthusiastic about embracing UCR’s diverse campus.



Deema Nasla, Chemistry 

San Bernardino region
Hometown: Hesperia

Deema is a proud Palestinian-American who has grown up with seven siblings. She selected UCR because of its acclaimed chemistry program and looks forward to hopefully conducting research at the undergraduate level. She is driven and hard-working, but also finds time to play soccer and basketball with her siblings.



Brandon Nguyen, Biology 

Orange County region
Hometown: Fullerton

With an eye on pursuing an education in medicine, Brandon looks forward to ultimately helping his community as a doctor. He says that he selected UCR, in part, because of its dedication to service. He is also excited about the diversity that the campus has to offer.



Jonathan Jr. Ogbogu, Biology 

Riverside County region
Hometown: Moreno Valley

With a passion for the natural sciences, sports, and history, Jonathan enjoys participating in a variety of activities. As president of Club Med and National Honor Society at John W. North High School, he has developed his leadership and marketing skills. Jonathan hopes to become a physician and serve families in the Inland Empire.


Samantha Park, Creative Writing

Northern California region
Hometown: Fresno

Samantha was drawn to UC Riverside because of the creative writing program, as well as the university’s commitment to student success. She describes herself as a leader, an artist, an innovator, a poet, and an author. She hopes to be a voice for those who are unheard by opening a publishing company in the future.



Lena Thai, English

Riverside City region
Hometown: Riverside

As a first-generation student, Lena is motivated to achieve her goal of becoming an English teacher. She was attracted to UCR because of its diversity, and its well-respected English department. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading and writing short stories and poetry as well as spending time with her parents and loved ones.

Sunny Trieu, Biochemistry

San Gabriel Valley region
Hometown: Rosemead

Coming from a single-parent household, Sunny is the first in her family to attend college. Her career and personal aspirations have been heavily influenced by Richard, her younger and autistic brother. She hopes to pursue research in the biomedical field while at UCR.


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