University of California, Riverside

Apply to be an Alumni Regent


The University of California, Riverside is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of Alumni Regent. The successful candidate will serve one term as Regent-designate and secretary of the Alumni Associations of the University of California (AAUC) from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017, and then as Regent with full voting rights and as president of AAUC in 2018-19.

Candidate Requirements:

  • UCR graduate and a member in good-standing of the UCR Alumni Association (UCRAA)
  • Have a complete understanding and appreciation of the mission of the UCRAA
  • May not be a current University of California employee.

Preference will be given to those individuals who have a history of active participation in UCRAA and UCR activities and programs.

Alumni Association members who wish to apply for the position can request an application by contacting the Alumni Office at 951-UCR-ALUM (951-827-2586) or or

The deadline to submit nominations and applications is October 21, 2016.