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Board of Directors

UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors


The UCR Alumni Association serves to preserve and promote the relationships between UCR and all its alumni. Through its various services and programs, the Association represents alumni and assists the University in its quest for excellence.  The UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers which establishes Association policy, reviews programs, and provides feedback and suggestions to the University administration.


UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors Slate of Nominees for 2017 – 2019

Nominations to fill the offices of directors whose terms expire this year may be made by the Regular Members of the Association on written petition signed by not less than 25 such members in good standing and filed with the Executive Director at any time between the publication of the Nominations Committee’s report and one week prior to the date of the spring meeting of the Board of Directors. The spring meeting is to be held on May 18, 2017.

The UCR Alumni Association Nominations Committee proposes the following slate of nominees to serve a two-year term as directors of the board beginning July 1, 2017:

Christine Duong ’93 – Board Member

Aaron D. Jones, Jr. ’09, M.Ed. ’13 – Board Member

Barbara Kerr ’68 – Board Member

Craig Marshall ’95 – Board Member

Geoffrey T. Pack ’78 – Board Member

Ofelia Valdez-Yeager ’69 – Board Member

2016 – 2018 UCR Alumni Association Board of Directors


Officers 2016- 2018Directors 2016 - 2018Directors 2015 - 2017Standing Representatives
President - Kenneth R. Noller '75, T.C. '76, M.A. '84Raymond Cruz '85Josefina Canchola '88Vice Chancellor University Advancement - Peter Hayashida
President-Elect - Jeffrey S. Krynski '81Patricia Lock Dawson '88Otis Greer '90 Executive Director - Jorge Ancona
Secretary-Treasurer - Randy Olson '80 Val Gribkoff, Ph.D. '83Barbara Kerr '68Faculty Representative - Sharon B. Duffy, M.A. '79, Ph.D. '86
Immediate Past President - Daniel Kim '89Anna Lo '00Craig Marshall '95ASUCR Representative - Arturo Gomez
Daniel Morales, M.A. '77David Rapaport '74, Ph.D. '80GSA Representative - Lewis Luartz '11, M.Ed. '12, M.A. '16
Dean Parson '92Steve Shuman '75SAA Representative - Christian Agatep
Allan Schwartz '74Delilah Stemke '73
E. Dollie Totaro Wolverton '57
Tony Yang '03, Ph.D. '10